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HQueue for Dummies

Every time I set this up I seem to forget something... so here is my fool proof steps to getting this set up

  1. Install Houdini and HQueue - make sure each machine has a Houdini install and the HQueue Client, but ensure only ONE machine has the server!
  2. Edit the .ini file to point to the server
  3. Open port 5000 (if that's what you used during install) for both inbound and outbound traffic on all machines
  4. Test the amchines can talkusing something like telnet (run "telnet server-name 5000")
  5. Map the H drive on each machine (this should point to your main H drive mapping on the server, with the directories "houdini-distros" and "projects" in it)
  6. Start each client manually (run "hqclientd.bat"). You can add this to each machine's startup as well.
  7. Map a project to your H drive and cook away.

Quick Test Project - Render Explosion Sequence

  1. Open Houdini (FX, Indie or Apprentice)
  2. Create a sphere, then choose "Explosion" from the Pyro FX shelf
  3. Create a camera, select it from the camera menu at the top right of the viewport, and postion to frame your explosion
  4. Create a "Distant Light"
  5. Switch to the "Out" context
  6. Wire an "HQueue Render" node after "mantra1"
  7. Set the "HQueue Server" to be your server name followed by the port (server-name:5000)
  8. Change "Render Current Hip File" to "Copy Project Files..."
  9. Press "Submit Job" at the top of the HQ node parameters
  10. It'll think for a moment, and hopefully present you with an option to view HQueue


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