The internet is awash with Python resources, but one thing I noticed when learning is that there were frequently gaps; most tutorials focused on a couple of things. The intention here is to get someone who is familiar with programming concepts (loops/logic, execution etc) but has never touched Python, to being able to write something using PyMel in Maya.

All the OS-centric info is based on Windows, so apologies if you use Linux/OSX 🙂

Intro to Python Part 1

A basic introduction to Python and the creation of your first script

Intro to Python Part 2

Expanding on the script in Part 1 by using extra modules

Python Fundamentals

Introducing you to the Object Oriented nature of Python and what it can do

Intro to PyMel

A first look at Pymel in Maya

Diving into Pymel

Going more in-depth and exploring what we can do by creating a simple tool with a UI

PyMel Code Snippets

Some handy little bits of code written in PyMel for Maya

Maya Python API

A very brief intro into the world of the Maya Python API, including some perf tests